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Dining Team Green is a student lead group hired by Dining Services that focuses on implementing sustainable practices within Dining Services at the University of Rochester. Team Green also aims to educate the student body on sustainable practices that they can adopt in their own life.









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Throughout the year, we host educational events surrounding Bees, National Farmworkers Awareness Week, and other sustainability topics!

Zero Waste Dinner

Twice a semester, we measure the amount of food waste produced by students. We use this data to inform students of their food consumption habits and suggest ways to reduce waste.

Dining Audits

Our team looks critically into current dining practices to look for room for improvement, taking into account student feedback.

Reusable Initiatives

We aim to decrease the use of disposables on campus by promoting the usage of reusable mugs and clamshells. He offer a reusable mug discount, a Grubhub reusable mug option, and the reusable mug punch card.

Education About Sustainability

We create short clips and infographics for our social media to inform students in an accessible way about programs, events, environmental news, and local sustainability information.

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