Privacy Policy

On top of the shared norms outlined in our Community Guidelines page, below are other measures we take to ensure member privacy on our end.

CCC Member Registration

CCC member registration for our student org is open to all University of Rochester users (as defined by CCC), but the member list is only visible to officers (E-Board & student org advisors){NOTE: we are working to limit membership visibility from extended UR staff}. All student org memberships are listed in your CCC profile under “My Groups”, but you can change it to not be listed.

GMM Sign-In

For General Member Meetings, we take attendance using your (chosen) name and UR email. Besides other members also signing in that day, only E-Board members have access to the sheet and we will not register you on CCC if you specify in the sign-in sheet.

Attendance details are used to plan our speaker series events, co-sponsorships, and annual oSTEM Conference attendees.

CCC Event Registration

While CCC event registration is not required to attend (unless specified otherwise), only E-Board members can see who registered for our events.

From oSTEM Global

We respect requests to be unlisted in our membership directory. oSTEM never shares personal information for purposes of marketing. oSTEM may share information with sponsors for recruiting purposes only.

Third-Party Information Collection

oSTEM UR makes use of third-party services that may collect your information. Since we don’t control their tracking practices or uses, we’ve linked the privacy policies of the services we use.