Lighting Survey Project 2023


This project is intended to ensure that the electricity distribution and the lighting in various buildings on-campus is being utilized as efficiently as possible. Surveying the usage and the types of lighting, and then striving to implement the necessary amendments to make the buildings more energy-efficient, are the main goals of this project.

Next Steps

We already completed several surveys of buildings on campus, but there's still plenty more to survey! Primarily we'll first target residential buildings on the quad, and then move on to surveying other buildings. Surveyors will be trained beforehand on how to identify the bulbs and fixtures present in the building and how to fill out the survey. Data analysis has already begun using data from initial surveys, calculating kilowatt-hours per year and estimating potential savings of switching to LEDs


Project Leader

The project lead sets the agenda, organizes meetings, keeps the project on track for completion, and decides how to delegate different tasks.

Data Analysis Coordinator

The Data Analysis Coordinator will plan how the data will be analyzed after the survey is completed. The end product of the project most likely will be a report of the energy usage of different buildings on campus and what the university may do to improve lighting. This role includes leading the completion of this.

Survey Coordinator

The Survey Coordinator will determine which buildings that will be surveyed and plan how the data on the lighting usage will be collected. This will require coordinating with other team members and learning about how to properly conduct the surveys.

Contact Gavin Wong if interested in joining the project: gwong7@u.rochester.edi

(Last Updated 12/9/23)