Hydroponics Project 2023

Hello there! I'm excited to share our hydroponics project with you! Hydroponics, an innovative method of agriculture, involves growing plants without soil. For the Fall 2023 semester, we've already gathered enough planting materials, including seeds, nutrients, and more. Currently, we're in the process of strategizing how to ensure the optimal growth and maintenance of our chosen plant—Spinach!

Image Source: (Modern Farmer)

We're contemplating potential locations on campus to establish our little hydroponic farm, and we welcome any suggestions you may have regarding the ideal spot or insights on hydroponic plant cultivation. Your input is valuable to us!

If you have an interest in hydrology, sustainable agriculture, automation, or if you're simply seeking a hands-on project that benefits both people and the environment, look no further—this project is tailor-made for you! This project does not require long-term commitments, so feel free to drop by our weekly meetings to join the discussion or gain some hands-on experience in building and planting.

Image Source: (University of Minnesota Extension)

Potential roles for this project include Project Lead (responsible for overall and general logistics), Materials Manager (in charge of materials for building our hydroponics farm), Communications Manager (responsible for communicating with groups/people we collaborate with), and Design Manager (responsible for facilitating the design of our hydroponics farm).

If you have any questions, please reach out to the current project lead, Kaela Brunner (kbrunne4@u.rochester.edu), or join our Discord server (https://ccc.rochester.edu/click?email_links_id=17946&member_id=15092071) to stay updated on project developments or to ask questions about the project.

(Last Updated 12/06/23)