Recycled 3D Printing

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Interested in making recycled 3D printer filament?

Work with us to replicate the RepRapable Recyclebot and learn CAD, soldering, and machine shop skills along the way!

Check out the following link for the design files:

Why recycled 3-D printing?

With 6 million tons of single use plastics being thrown out each year, plastic recycling is a valuable practice. This project will help you repurpose waste. It will also teach you technical skills for future jobs and internships, help you build connections with professors, and give you experience with the project funding and proposal writing process at Rochester.

What are this year's plans?

the previous semesters, we worked on a filament extruder that would convert recycled plastic into filament for 3D printing, and filawinder which coils up the filament onto a spool to be used for 3D printing. We have successfully created a plastic processor to grind up plastics into pellets that fit into the machine, utilizing a recycled paper shredder, and have assembled the filastruder and filawinder together creating a rudimentary filament. We are so close to finishing the project, all that there is left to do is tweak the design to get the filament to the right diameter!

Want to join this project?

To join, email Charlie ( or Gavin ( to learn about the next steps!

(Last Updated 12/9/23)