Trans Formations Project


What do they do?

The Trans Formations Project is an incredible grassroots nonprofit queer organization. Their weekly newsletters update you on the status of specific state bills (healthcare, drag, schooling, etc.), compile a list of action items in response to these bills/hearings, highlight movement success news, and summarize other queer news across the nation.

Why is this important?

The trend of legislative assault on trans people (and our right to exist) continues to expand across the nation. From Tennessee’s recent ban on “male or female impersonators” to Mississippi’s illegalization of gender-affirming care for trans minors across the board, the strategic brute-force introduction of bills has proven effective and other states are following suit.

Civil rights infringements like these are grim reminders of the persisting ignorance in the nation and a call to action for those “privileged” with the right to survival. Trans rights are human rights is a nice slogan, but worthless if not backed by action enabled by political awareness.

Educate yourself!

Beyond just learning terminology around gender identity and expression (despite its strategic repositioning as 'radical'), it's important to realize only advocacy can allow for actual progress.

If you’d like to follow developments around this trend, a good starter is the TFP's Newsletter which breaks down bills around the country, points to direct action, and often shares much-needed good news.

From the TFP

Below are some of the general legislation categories they monitor and their breakdown of what they entail.

  • Bathroom Bills

    A bathroom bill denies access to public restrooms by gender or trans identity. They increase danger without making anyone any safer. They have even prompted attacks on cis and trans people alike. Many national health and anti-sexual assault organizations oppose these bills.

    Add to this the thoughtfully presented documentation, featuring code highlighting, snippets, class customizer explanation and youve got yourself one powerful value package.

  • Healthcare Ban

    Healthcare bills go against professional and scientific consensus that gender-affirming care saves lives. Denying access will cause harm. Providers are faced with criminal charges. Parents are threatened with child abuse charges and intersex children are typically exempted.

    For a visual representation of healthcare bans across the U.S., The Movement Advancement Project has an interactive map you can use.

  • Drag Bans

    Public performance bans, or "drag bans," restrict access for folks who are gender non-conforming in any way. They loosely define "drag" as any public performance with an “opposite gender expression,” as sexual in nature and inappropriate for children. This also pushes trans individuals out of public spaces.

  • Schooling Bills

    Schooling / Parental Rights bills remove life-saving affirmation and support for trans youth. They ban instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. Teachers and administration are forced to misgender students and/or use deadnames. Schools are also required to alert parents if they suspect a child is trans.

  • Sports Ban

    Most sports bills force schools to designate teams by sex assigned at birth. They are often one-sided and ban trans girls from playing on teams consistent with their gender identity. Some egregious bills even force invasive genital examinations on student athletes.

Affirming resources specifically for LGBTQ+ individuals. <3

NOTE: Please verify non-consensual active rescue policies before making use of these resources and ensure they are up to date for your safety.

  • Trans Lifeline Hotline

    If you need support or are in crisis you can contact the Trans Lifeline hotline at (877) 565-8860.

    The Trans Lifeline is run by trans people, for trans people, and does not engage in non-consensual active rescue, meaning they will not call law enforcement without your consent.

  • Trevor Project Crisis Counselor

    You can connect with a Trevor Project crisis counselor via phone 1 (866) 488-7386, chat, or text (Text ‘START’ to 678-678) support.

    NOTE: This resource could utilize non-consensual active rescue, including law enforcement, 911, and first responders.

  • LGBT National Hotline

    You can call the LGBT National Hotline at (888) 843-4564, or connect with a peer via chat.

    The LGBT National Help Center will NOT call other suicide hotlines, law enforcement, 911, or rescue services.

  • BlackLine

    BlackLine is a BIPOC LGBTQ+ support line, run by BIPOC folks, for BIPOC folks. You can call 1 (800) 604-5841 to chat with a peer.

    This resource does not involve law enforcement or state agencies.

  • LGBT National Youth Talkline

    For folks under 25, you can call the LGBT National Youth Talkline at (800) 246-7743.

    The LGBT National Help Center will NOT call other suicide hotlines, law enforcement, 911, or rescue services.

  • THRIVE Lifeline

    Adults (folks 18+) can text the THRIVE Lifeline which is trans-led and operated. Text "THRIVE" to (313) 662-8209 to begin your conversation.

    THRIVE Lifeline does NOT call emergency services for people that are at risk of harming themselves without their consent.