Kearns Center Undergraduate Programs

Program Overview

The Kearns Scholars program, part of the University of Rochester’s Kearns Center, offers first-generation, low-income, and students of color academic and personal support towards graduation (and after). As a Kearns Scholar, you get access to the Center’s computer lab with free printing, an academic advisor, textbook lending, and receive their curated newsletters which compile their fun social events and scholarships/conferences opportunities. The Kearns Center also has other programs for underrepresented groups in different fields, you can read about them below.

How To Join

To become a Scholar, just enroll in their one-credit orientation course (CASC 145: Navigating The Academy), it is a very light 8-week course where you also get to meet other UR students with similar backgrounds (often hard to find because..America). You can find more information below or by asking any of the E-Board members who are also all Kearns Scholars.

New Tech Lending Program

The Kearns Center has recently launched its technology lending program, open to McNair, SSS, and Kearns Scholars. They are lending iPads, MacBooks, and Dell laptops on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information on their lending program, contact Jazmyn and read more below.