Leadership Team

Our E-Board meets every Saturday at 2:30 in Genesee 308 to collaboratively curate upcoming events and activities. Meetings are open to all general members.

Nicholas Morales Profile

Nicholas Morales

Vishwa Shukla Profile

Vishwa Shukla

Senior Advisor
Seemal Zahra Profile

Seemal Zahra

Co-Communications Chair
Ahmed Shah Profile

Ahmed Shah

Co-Cultural Chair
Anika Nawar Profile

Anika Nawar

Business Manager
Zaynab Khan Profile

Zaynab Khan

Vice President
Misha Parikh Profile

Misha Parikh

Co-communication Chair
Arya Rajesh Profile

Arya Rajesh

Co-Cultural Chair
Rozana Karim Profile

Rozana Karim

Co-Publicity Chair
Yashika Dhall Profile

Yashika Dhall

Co-Cultural Chair
Subaah Syed Profile

Subaah Syed

Co-Publicity Chair