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Our Constitution

Our constitution serves as a blueprint for our organization, outlining our mission and providing guidance on how we operate. In addition to defining our purpose, it establishes the structure of our Executive Board by identifying key positions and outlining the specific responsibilities associated with each role.

Mela feedback form

As an E-Board, we are committed to constant improvement and being the best we can be. Our organization's goal is to create a safe space for all members to express and take pride in our South Asian heritage. We would love to hear your honest feedback on Mela so that we can continue to improve and make future events even better. While the eboard put in a lot of effort, we understand that we are all human and college students, and perfection is not always possible. Therefore, your feedback is invaluable to us. Please share your thoughts on what you enjoyed and what you didn't, so that we can make next year's Mela even more amazing. Thank you for being a part of ADITI's 38th Mela!