Garba Dance Party

ADITI, in sponsorship with Rochester Raas, hosts Garba, a dance form that originated in the state of Gujarat in India. Traditionally, it is performed during the nine-day Hindu festival, Navaratri. ADITI and Rochester Raas welcome the entire Rochester community to attend.

South Asian Expo

ADITI's annual fall show, South Asian Expo features interactive booths, performances, and a fashion show that showcase the rich heritage of all the countries represented by ADITI. South Asian Expo is held in Hirst Lounge and is open to attend for the entire U of R community. Tradition has it that each year the first-year and senior General Members choreograph and perform a dance that features their talent!


Mela is ADITI's biggest event held every spring. ADITI invites not only the General Members and Executive Board but also the South Asian community of the greater Rochester area to showcase their talents. Mela is held in tandem with a semi-formal dinner in Feldman Ballroom.