South Asian Expo

ADITI's annual fall event, the South Asian Expo features interactive booths, performances, and a fashion show that showcase the rich heritage of all the countries represented by ADITI. South Asian Expo is held in Hirst Lounge and is open to attend for the entire U of R community. This year's SAE will be held on Saturday, October 21st.

Get involved!

Interested in performing at SAE? Use this link to sign up by October 1st!

Interested in volunteering? Sign up using this form and we will reach out to you with more information!


Mela, ADITI's grandest event, is celebrated every spring and serves as a tribute to South Asian culture and heritage. This cultural festival, proudly sponsored by ADITI, is a mesmerizing display of the rich music and dance traditions of South Asia. The festival features an array of performances, ranging from classical to contemporary dances, soulful singing, and a vibrant open dance floor that brings everyone together at the end of the night.

Adding to the festivities is the annual theme of Mela, which culminates in a delightful skit performance. Last year, the theme was the Bachelorette, with our SA president playing the lead role of the charming bachelorette. The audience was thoroughly entertained as four contestants, each with unique and lively personalities, vied for the Bachelorette's heart in a thrilling display of humor and wit.