Current Projects

Student-initiated and led, these are the projects our members are working on this semester. If you'd like to start a project, reach out to our current Vice President.

UR Lunabotics Team

Project Leaders: Fran Daszak and Benned Hedegaard                   (,

UR Lunabotics is a brand-new competitive team with the goal of competing and succeeding in the NASA Lunabotics competition. Lunabotics is an international, university-based competition being run and sponsored by NASA. Teams typically develop one large robot (0.6 m x 0.6 m x 1.1 m). This robot will compete by performing various autonomous and controlled tasks to gather points on a simulated lunar surface. Our goal is to compete in 2021-22 Competition Season using a fully autonomous robot. Lunabotics is open to all members regardless of skill level. Please email any captain for details about Lunabotics and information about the project's weekly meetings over Discord (

Solar Drone Project - On Hold

Project Leader: N/A

Solar Drone Project is a research-based group whose goal is to find a way to make a drone that can replenish fuel during drone specific missions. The group currently has a functioning solar array and are currently working on developing a cart to attach to the drone.