We are an organization for coordinating, supporting, and housing competitive and non-competitive student-led robotics projects. We also aim to educate members in robotics-related tools and techniques useful for these projects such as programming, computer-aided design, 3D printing, robotics algorithms, and embedded systems techniques.

Membership Benefits

Our members may participate in one or multiple of our student-led robotics projects or begin their own new project at the beginning of each semester. The UR Robotics Club provides funding, storage, and advisor oversight to these projects. Members may also participate in our educational workshops on robotics-related topics and our campus events exploring the ongoing robotics research occurring on campus.

Organization Goals

The UR Robotics Club is devoted to the formation and management of both competitive and noncompetitive teams in the subjects of robotics, engineering, and embedded electrical systems. We aim to properly support these projects through reliable and sufficient funding as well as clearly communicate to members how they can begin their own projects. The goal of our workshops is to educate members in useful robotics-related tools and techniques, thus enabling them to more meaningfully contribute to projects. Finally, our outreach events work to inspire the UR and greater Rochester communities to think critically, creatively, and passionately about robotics and technology.

Get Involved!

Students can join ongoing projects at any time or begin their own project at the beginning of each semester. All experience levels are welcome: we host workshops for new members with no robotics experience and welcome others coming in with more experience, for example from FTC or FRC. Our projects range from introductory to fairly complex, so there's often a wide range of topics and disciplines involved in active projects across the club each semester. Join us on CCC to get our weekly email updates and follow us on YouTube to see project updates, workshop recordings, and general club updates.