The Opposite Of People*

Theater Company
est. 2008

*also known as TOOP

So, what's this TOOP thing?

The Opposite of People Theater Company is UR's only group that puts on straight plays! You can take a look at pictures from past productions using our "TOOP history!" drop down menu.

Our theater troupe is student run and we do everything; from acting to directing, producing to stage managing and designing (set, sound, lights, props, costumes, you name it!)

We produce at least one play every semester and we take pride in keeping our shows FREE! (You really have no excuse not to come!)

What is being in TOOP really like?

TOOPs get involved.

It's a lot of work, running our very own theater group! Though there's a lot of freedom for each TOOP to manage their time and choose how long they'd like to dedicate to TOOP, active members have to attend half +1 of our weekly meetings and help out with load in and strike of our shows each semester.

Responsibilities aside, there's SO much you can do in TOOP (which is why there's a place for everyone here!!). From being involved in a production (acting, directing, designing, or stage managing), to hosting/attending our workshops that address all things theatre, to being a member of our PR committee and working on promotion or being on E-board -we 'd love for you to join us in our TOOP adventures.

TOOP is a community.

Although it's not by any means mandatory, new TOOP members (our lovely NOOPs!) are paired up with an older member of TOOP in the beginning of each semester.

A"big" may be your first friend within the group or a mentor in all things TOOP, but, at first, their identity is a surprise!

On the left is a picture from our Fall 2019 Big-Little reveal during our regular Tuesday meeting in Ruth Merril!