Students' Association for Interfaith Cooperation


What is SAIC?

SAIC provides a forum where students can share their worldviews, spiritual beliefs, and traditions and learn about those of others through dialogue, education and awareness, service, and social programs.

To learn more about SAIC's mission and goals, visit the About Us page above!

Members Benefits

Interact with students from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds across campus. Meet new people, engage in serious and interesting conversations, visit sites of religious worship, and of course, eat tons of great food!

Regular events at SAIC include Cafes and Dialogues, Adventures to the Rochester community and semester Banquets. We also provide study breaks, community service opportunities, and the chance to attend national and international conferences. To learn more about SAIC opportunities, join our email list! SAIC membership DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY COMMITMENT! Feel free to join when you're interested and pass when school is busy.

SAIC E-Board 2019-2020

and Chapel Officers

Michael Mahnken Profile

Michael Mahnken

Liliya Bogdanova Profile

Liliya Bogdanova

Additional Officer
Robin Smither Profile

Robin Smither

Additional Officer
Yaqub Bajwa Profile

Yaqub Bajwa

Business Manager
Roni Kirson Profile

Roni Kirson

Riley Anderson Profile

Riley Anderson

Additional Officer
Jeremy Lane Profile

Jeremy Lane

Denise Yarbrough Profile

Denise Yarbrough



Students' Association for Interfaith Cooperation

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