SAIC offers a variety of regular and occasional events for the UR community. Feel free to come when it strikes your fancy, and let us know what events you'd like to see. Food is provided at (almost) all SAIC events!

Interfaith Cafes

  • Bi-weekly discussions about an array of topics, and how they relate to religion and interfaith work
  • Topics range from the Big Bang Theory to politics, fashion, mental health, medical ethics, holiday celebrations, etc!!
  • Light dinner provided
  • Share your own thoughts and hear from others

Interfaith Banquets

  • Communty-wide celebration once per semester
  • Banquets may include celebrated speakers, structured dialogues, performances, or some other form of interfaith presentation
  • For information on our most recent Interfaith Banquet, check out our past events! We featured famous astrophysicist Dr. Peter Saulson who discussed his works in physics and Judaism.

Interfaith Adventures

  • Have you ever been to a Hindu Temple or a Sikh Gurdwara? Have you even witnessed a Muslim Jum'uah service or a Unitarian Universalist service?
  • SAIC provides transportation to observe cool religious services and experiences around the Greater Rochester area
  • Engage with cultures utterly different from your own and learn from their traditions and practices!
  • Adventures are observational only; no participation is expected in any way.

Additional Events

  • Community Service Opportunities

    The interfaith mission is largely about people from diverse belief systems coming together under shared values for the benefit of a unified community. As such, SAIC sponsors and cosponsors a variety of community service activities. Previous initiatives have included service with:

    • The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
    • REACH Temporary Winter Shelter
    • Gifts for the Giving Christmas Toy Drive
    • local old age homes, religious organizations, etc.
  • National and International Conferences

    Being a member of SAIC means the opportunity to engage with peers around the regarding the values of shared dialogue and interfaith goals. SAIC members have attended:

    • Interfaith Youth Core Conference
    • Parliament of World Religion
    • United Nations International Day of Peace celebrations

    Let us know if you're interested in hearing more about these opportunities!

  • Study Breaks, Panels, Leadership training, and much, much more!

    In addition to all of the above, SAIC is constantly looking for fresh and exciting new ways to engage the University of Rochester community! SAIC intermittently offers:

    • Study breaks during finals weeks
    • Panels with experts from the University and Rochester communiti
    • Leadership training via the Medallion Workshop Program
    • Speakers on a variety of religious, spiritual, and cultural topics

    And if we're missing what you're looking for, reach out!