PiR Breakdown

In Partners in Reading, members can expect to work with elementary-age students (K-8), get hands on experience working with children in a school environment, read books aloud to students, participate in many activities with students (arts and crafts, creative play, board games, etc), help students follow along in classroom activities, help tutor individually or in small groups, help around the classroom, have the choice of working in English- or Spanish-speaking classrooms, be a role model for young children, and of course, have fun!! :)

Other Events

In addition to weekly tutoring sessions, PiR also hosts an annual Trivia Night Fundraiser. We also host regular events on campus to engage students with education and the community.

Benefits of Membersip

Partners in Reading is a very rewarding organization which allows members the opportunity to make a positive difference in the Rochester community.

Connect with us!

Connect with us on Instagram @ur.pir and on Facebook @urpartnersinreading to learn more about us, our mission, and how to engage with us!