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Mar 4 | 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Student Mindfulness Facilitator Training (Medallion Program: Practical Competence)

The Mindful University Project is currently recruiting students to become student mindfulness facilitators! The Student Mindfulness Facilitator position is designed for students who are passionate about meditation and interested in sharing their practice with others on campus. On March 4th from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Humanities Center Conference Room B, we will be leading a Student Mindfulness Facilitator Training. You can learn the history of and science behind mindfulness meditation and a variety of mindfulness techniques to build the knowledge necessary for leading meditation practices on-campus. Registration is required. Open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Bonus: You can receive Level 1 Medallion Credit by participating and Level 2 when leading mindfulness sessions.

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Mar 5 | 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Intro to Public Speaking and Presentations (Practical Competence)

In this introductory workshop with the Speaking Fellows you will learn about everything public speaking from content to delivery, using visual aids and tackling speech anxiety. Build the skills you need to speak confidently and clearly. Here at the speaking center, if you're talking, we're listening! Presented by Lillian Ravikoff, The Speaking Fellows

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Mar 7 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Preparing and Presenting Financials

Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, participants will learn to create a draft financial model including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Gain insights into the strategic importance of financial modeling for decision-making and investor communication. This workshop provides attendees with the skills to use financial modeling tools and software, empowering them to project and analyze crucial financial data. By the end of the session, participants will have crafted a comprehensive draft financial model, featuring projections for income, expenses, and cash flow, ready to guide their strategic business decisions. Instructors: Brandon Burris and Fernanda Sesto

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Mar 19 | 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Creating an Inclusive Community (Medallion Program - Interpersonal Competence)

A community is a group of people who have been able to accept and transcend their differences regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds (social, spiritual, educational, ethnic, economic, political, etc.). This enables them to communicate effectively and openly, and to work together toward goals identified as being beneficial to their common good. Building a community is a powerful process, which helps us learn about ourselves and relate to others in new ways. This workshop will explore more in-depth our Meliora Vision & Values, as well as what they mean to the College and for the individual. This workshop uses a hands-on exercise to have participants self-reflect on the Meliora Vision & Values and to think of ways to implement them into their everyday lives with respect to the classroom environment, residential life, and within their respective organizations. Creating a sense of belonging and building an inclusive community where each member is valued and respected begins with a better understanding of our Meliora Vision & Values.

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Mar 21 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Pitching Your Idea

Hone your pitch-perfect skills in our Pitching Your Idea Workshop. Participants will master the art of creating and delivering an effective elevator pitch, explaining the essence of their startup into a concise and compelling narrative. Learn more about the key components of a pitch deck, understanding its purpose and developing the ability to craft a compelling story tailored to different audiences. Build confidence in presenting business ideas to diverse stakeholders, including investors, customers, and partners. By the end of the workshop, participants will have crafted a well-structured draft pitch deck, featuring key slides that highlight the problem, solution, market, and competition. Instructors: Brandon Burris and Fernanda Sesto

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Mar 22 | 12:30pm - 2:00pm

How to be an Antiracist Leader - Part 1 (Knowledge Acquisition, Cognitive Complexity, Civic Engagement, Interpersonal Competence)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE YOU REGISTER: -Books will be purchased for each student attending this workshop series -Students must be able to attend all three sessions (3/22, 4/12, and 4/19: 12:30-2pm) -Register by March 18th How to be an Antiracist Leader is distinctive in its combination of the popular work of Ibram Kendi and the public leadership work of Hank Rubin. This workshop series focuses on practical and essential principles of antiracism and leadership for aspiring public sector leaders. Becoming an antiracist leader requires a commitment to deep introspection, ongoing learning and action. Dr. Ibram K. Kendi's book How To Be An Antiracist and Dr. Hank Rubin’s book Collaborative Leadership will help guide your self-examination of the relationship between race, racism, antiracism with the roles, goals and metrics that influence and measure the leadership we provide in our campus communities as well as the leadership we will provide in our civic, social, and familial roles. [Students will read Kendi’s book and one or more eBook(s) derived from Rubin’s book.] In Level 2 of the Medallion Program, we begin our leadership journey with the simple adage that being a leader "always means working with others…” This workshop series is predicated on the belief that working with others requires a deep understanding of our relationships with issues of race and racism. Instructors: Dr. Kim McKinsey-Mabry & Dr. Hank Rubin

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Mar 25 | 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Conflict Is Life (Interpersonal Competence)

This session is meant to identify that conflict can be a healthy start to conversation with those that bring challenge to our life.  Participants will learn the basics of restorative circle practice to help guide you through interpersonal conflicts with individuals or within groups.  At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will start to develop the confidence needed to work through conflicts.    Presented by Kyle Orton, Center for Student Conflict Management

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Mar 29 | 2:00pm - 4:30pm

BADASS Bystander (Interpersonal Competence - Medallion Program)

Take the extra step to empower and protect yourself, friends, and community members by becoming a BADASS Bystander! Utilizing role-plays, participants will be observing a potentially harmful situation, and rather than being passive bystanders, they will utilize skills to be active bystanders who take action to interrupt harm and generate positive actions by others. This program will help participants gain crucial skills to take action and start an effective conversation to address and prevent instances of sexual misconduct. Being a BADASS means Being Aware, Deciding to Act, and Saying Something (Slogan borrowed with permission from Colorado College). Learning Objectives • Participants will explore behaviors and language surrounding rape culture; delving deeper into how rape culture adds to the continuum of harm model in both a systemic and cyclic way as it pertains to relationships with gender roles, sexism, and LGBTQ+ phobias. • Participants learn different techniques to intervene safely, before a behavior or relationship becomes toxic and harmful. • Participants will be able to effectively start conversations and navigate sensitive topics regarding why certain language or behaviors can perpetuate sexual violence. • Become the best BADASS Bystander by contributing to end a universal issue on a local level, here at the University of Rochester and help change our culture.

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Apr 1 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Collaboration: Individual Roles & Group Development (Interpersonal Competence)

In this workshop students will explore the importance of understanding individual collaboration styles and the roles people play in groups. We'll examine how group development dynamics impact collaboration and understand the impacts of communication skills and diversity on collaboration. Presented by Megan Driscoll, Wilson Commons Student Activities

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Apr 5 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Real Colors (Intrapersonal Development & Interpersonal Competence)

In this session, you will understand the different ways people process information, communicate with others in the most effective way possible, including hearing what they are really saying, recognize and appreciate the strengths and viewpoints of others. Registration for this workshop will close one week prior at midnight in order to give attendees time to complete the pre-workshop assessment. This workshop requires advanced registration and is for undergraduates only, walk-ins will not be accommodated. Codes for the Real Colors assessment will be purchased on your behalf and you will be sent information on completing the instrument prior to the workshop. Presented by Laura Ballou, Wilson Commons Student Activities

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Blackboard workshops

Online leadership workshops provide knowledge about important leadership skills and a place to practice those skills. Each workshop meets the criteria of the Medallion Program. As you finish a workshop you will receive feedback on the assignments from the instructors to help you with your leadership journey. Instructors come from the Office of the Dean of Students and others from The College.

Current Offerings
SMART Goals (Level 1: Practical Competency)
Running Effective Meetings (Level 1: Knowledge Acquisition)
Teambuilding: Virtual Edition (Level 2: Interpersonal)

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