The Medallion Program

Level Up Your Leadership


About Us

The Medallion Program aims to educate student leaders by providing opportunities for intentional learning, self-reflection, and skill development. Students enrolled in the Medallion Program gain a strong sense of self-awareness, work effectively with others, and become civically and socially engaged.

Program Design:

The program is divided into three different levels, each building on the last.
  • You can enroll in the Medallion Program by filling out the Enrollment Form.
  • All program progress is tracked on Campus Community Connection (CCC) in "My Tracks/Checklist". Once you fill out the enrollment form give two business days for the Medallion Program Track to show up on your CCC page under the "My Tracks/Checklist".
  • You can work on Level 1 and 2 simoltaniously. You must complete the first two levels before starting Level 3.
  • Level 1 and 2 consists of workshops; Level 3 can be a class or specialize project.

Program Benefits

  • The program will help to build upon your leadership skills and boost your resume.
  • After the completion of each level you will receive a Level pin and invitiation to program reception.
  • After the completion of all three levels you receive a certificate of completion.

When completing level three, you will be able to join the Medallion Leadership Society. The society has its own benefits:

  • Receiving a medallion
  • Attending a leadership retreat
  • Facilitating workshops for your peers


If you are interested and want to learn more contact us at