International Students and Scholars Association


About Us

We are a student-led organization that fosters a vibrant and inclusive community for international students and scholars at SMD.

We recognize international students' unique challenges, including social integration, cultural assimilation, navigating complex immigration rules, etc.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, promote cultural exchange, and empower our members to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.

Our Three Core Teams

Please feel free to be a part of one or more of our core teams!!

Community Building & Support

We strive to create a welcoming environment where international students and scholars at the University of Rochester can connect, build meaningful relationships and find a strong sense of belonging.

Advocacy and Communication

We want to serve as a passionate advocate and reliable liaison between our community and University resources.  By actively listening to and addressing the concerns and needs of our members, we want to effectively communicate with the ISO and administration, ensuring that our voice matters!

Professional Development

We are committed to promote the professional growth and success of our members. By planning and executing events oriented towards this goal, we want to empower our members to excel in their respective fields and navigate their professional journeys with confidence

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