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About Us

CIF is an interesting group of people whose interests and activities are as diverse as our members. While we go back to 1982, we’re just as dedicated to the university community as when we were providing some of the few computing resources on campus. Please visit our website ( to learn more about what we do and apply to be a member! CIF provides several services to the University of Rochester and the community at large, including a computer lab available to all University students with Windows, Mac, and Linux machines and free printing. Members of CIF also gain access to our VM hosting, and our VR headset. Check out our website for more information about CIF, its members, services we offer, and how to get involved. Contact us by sending an email or stop by Anderson 3! By the way, join our discord server to participate in our virtual events!

Members Benefits

CIF has 3 ways to join. You can be on our mailing list, be an associate member, or a full member. By becoming a member, you gain access to additional events that are only open to other members. You also gain access to our VR headset and VM hosting on our servers. If you are interested in becoming a member, please reach out to either one of our Board members or apply on our website (

Events & Activities

Every week we have something going on. We hold regular board game night, tech seminars, CIFx talks and more.

Exclusive Resources

As a member, you can attend a number of members only events, as well as get involved with CIF in our elected and appointed positions.

Lab Resources

In the basement of Anderson, we have our computer lab. We have everything from lab computers, free printing, a VR headset, projector, and VM hosting.

Our Executive Board & Advisors

Craig McIlwrath
Senior Tech Director
Ella Markowitz
Emily Gaetano
Ronin Ross
Alexander Prideaux
Junior Tech Director
Mike Droel
Keegan Matthews
Elana Elman
Business Manager
Casey A'Hearn
Brian Gordinier