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We wish to provide for an outlet for all students interested in the sports of wrestling and judo. We provide practice and competition for experienced individuals, as well as exercise and instruction for those who are inexperienced in a safe and supervised environment. We hold judo practice on Thursday 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and wrestling practice on Sundays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. All practices are in Spurrier gym and open to all experience levels.









Members Benefits

The members of Club wrestling and judo gain skills and experience in the sports of wrestling in judo. For members that are new to the sports, they develop the basics of the sports to be able to compete within the context of the club. The more experienced members keep their skills honed. The more experienced members also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills teaching less experienced members. This club offers a twice-weekly opportunity to work on physical fitness in an enjoyable environment. Wrestling and judo are sports that require a significant amount of cardio and strength. In addition, at the beginning of practice, our warm-ups are designed to work on kinesthetic and gymnastic activities, that are not only useful for wrestling and judo but for most athletic activities.

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Julian Travis, Vice-President
  • Phone: (774) 641-3021                                          Email: jtravis3@u.rochester.edu
Sam Gerecke, Business Manager and Captain

Phone: (215) 460-1920                                          Email: sgerecke@u.rochester.edu