Student Organizations

  • Accolades and Awards

    This form is a way to share exciting news about you, a student organization, or another member of a student organization. Wilson Commons Student Activities will feature the exciting and noteworthy news through their communication outlets.

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  • Activity Reflection

    The reflection form serves to encourage student organizations to reflect honestly on their activities throughout the academic year. A thorough reflection can provide invaluable direction and insight to future leadership of your organization and your advisors.

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  • Accident and Injury Form

    This form must be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours of an accident.

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  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Training Request

    Student organizations have the opportunity to request a speaker to discuss the presence of alcohol and drugs within your organization. All trainings provided by the Health Promotion Office.

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  • ASL Request

    To request an ASL interpreter for an event, please file a request below. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Disability Resources at 585-276-5075 or email

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  • CCC Support Form

    If you notice issues with the main CCC site or the Campus Groups app, please submit a support request to report the bug or get troubleshooting assistance.

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  • Dues Collection

  • Coach/Instructor Request

    Want to request a coach or instructor for your Club Sport? You're in the right place.

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  • Community Kitchen Training Sign-Up

    Want to host an event in one Wilson Commons' fully stocked kitchens? You can sign up for an upcoming training using this form. For more information, check out the Community Kitchen information page or contact Ken Beck, assistant director of student life operations.

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  • Exception Request

    File when applying for an exception to existing policies within WCSA, SAAC, ARC & SA Transportation.

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  • Group Travel

    The Group Travel form must be completed by the trip manager at least one week prior to the trip. Non-compliance may result in the cancellation of hotel reservations, rental car reservations, etc.

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  • Individual Travel Waiver and Release

    In order to travel, this form must be completed and approved by 3 p.m. the business day prior to departure. For example, if traveling on a Saturday or Sunday, this form must be completed and approved by 3 p.m. Friday. Typical processing time is one business day.

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  • Supply and Resource Request Form

    This form can be used to access WCSA resources in relation to an existing activity, event, or program.

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  • Risk & Liability Waiver

    For events involving risk or liability, students must acknowledge this risk with and sign this waiver.

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  • Supplemental Funding Request

  • Student Organization Concern

    This form should be utilized when there is a concern or a potential policy violation in regards to a student organization. This form submission will be reviewed by the leadership of the Student's Association Appropriations Committee and Administration & Review Committee to determine the next steps and a timeline.

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  • Student Storage Access

    Request access to on-campus organization storage. Amid COVID-19, students may only access storage spaces with a prior reservation. Please contact your advisor for additional information.

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  • Student Life Space Access

    This form is required for any student organization member who is requesting access to a student life space. Many rooms on campus will open automatically with an active reservation so please contact the reservation coordinator to confirm if your space requires swipe access if it is not listed on this form. All request must be submitted at least 4 days in advance.

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  • SWARM Training Request

    SWARM (Students Wanting Alcohol Responsibly Monitored) Event Management training is designed for student leaders hosting events that include alcohol. SWARM Risk Reduction training was created for student leaders that want to promote safe drinking habits on campus. Please register two weeks before the date you're requesting. Email Ashley Toland with questions or if you want to register a training for less than 5 people.

    Form Unavailable until Spring 2022

  • Virtual EMS Contact

    Request to have your organization's Virtual EMS Contact (VEMS Contact) updated.

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  • Virtual Green Form

    This is a form for all Student Organization's and WCSA who wish to make payments on invoices or do any kind of transactions within the SOFO/Finance office.

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