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Scientific writing is the cornerstone of success in academia. UR Writing is a trainee-led program that aims to provide comprehensive writing support for URMC graduate students and postdocs. Through this program, we hope to help our fellow trainees become productive and prolific writers and to succeed academically and professionally.









UR Writing Initiatives

UR Writing Retreats: Struggling to find time, space, or motivation to make writing progress? Writing retreats are 3-day events that provide an environment for you to get some serious writing done! We provide space, a productive environment, access to writing consultation, and snacks (for in-person retreats). We have goal setting and accountability check-ins at the beginning and end of each day to help you stay on track. Retreats occur roughly once a month.

UR Writing Group: Not sure if your writing is clear to an interdisciplinary audience? Writing groups meet bi-weekly. Each participant takes turns bringing their writing in for review. Beyond getting your own writing reviewed by fellow trainees, you can also hone your writing and reviewing skills by assessing others' writing. Writing groups open at the beginning of each semester.

UR Writing Seminar Series: Beginner and advanced-level seminars provide information on all aspects of writing from experts around the University. Recent topics include Manuscript Writing 101, Reviving a Manuscript, and Reworking a Manuscript for Resubmission

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