SIMCON is the longest-running tabletop gaming convention in New York state! Proudly student-run by URSGA, SIMCON is an annual gaming convention held at the University of Rochester. Our goal is to provide a weekend-long opportunity for gamers of all genres: board gaming, war gaming, tabletop role-playing, collectible card gaming, miniature gaming, etc., to get together and enjoy their hobbies. SIMCON features local vendors as well as special guests from all over. We hope to see you there!

SIMCON 45 will be held in Douglass Ballroom on the University of Rochester Campus on March 22 - 24th 2024

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One-Shot Nights

Come join URSGA for an awesome night of RPGs! Once or twice a semester we hold a One-Shot Night. The event consists of two rounds of self-contained one-shots, each about 4 hours long. Games are run by fellow students and are typically available in both DnD 5e and other systems.

Beginners are always welcome! These mini-campaigns can be a great way to try out playing an RPG for the first time!

Want to run a one-shot at our next event? Contact us at

Games Days

Come enjoy a day filled with games with URSGA! Once or twice a semester we hold a Games Day. From 12pm until 12am we play games! This is a great time to break out the long games like Diplomacy or Risk and play them all the way through! Or you can play as many shorter games as your heart desires! Either way, we can't wait to see you there!

Introduction to Magic: the Gathering

Join us once or twice a year to learn Magic: the Gathering! New players are more than welcome, and we provide all the supplies your will need, along with experienced players to teach you the games.