Past Events

November 9 |6:00 pm

Pachamama Alliance Workshop: Intro to Drawdown Cosponsorship

Join GreenSpace for a 2-hour interactive presentation about the possibility of reversing climate change and the role you play in that process. With videos and group activities, you will learn about Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to save our planet from global warming.

November 16 |5:00 pm

Stand By Me Auction

A fundraising charity event hosted by URCSA, URKC, KASA, and UNICEF. Free entry, free food! All donations were sent to Chinese countryside and marginalized class in Korea by UNICEF. The event held performances by various groups and attendees bid for participants' skills from personal gym training to secret recipes and much more!

Douglass Commons Feldman Ballroom

October 31 | 5:00pm

25th Annual Woodbine/Anthony St. Halloween Block Party

Candy, books, homemade soup, fresh-pressed apple juice, and a wonderful time will all be provided to children in the 19th Ward neighborhood! This event helped raise awareness about UNICEF and create a safe neighborhood for trick-or-treaters.