The Title IX Team

Our team is comprised of a University Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinators for each school and Athletics, Equal Opportunity and Title IX Investigators, Prevention and Education Staff, Administrative Support, and students!

Title IX Coordinators

The University has a designated Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators who can answer questions and assist you with reporting options and resources. You are welcome to contact any of the coordinators, even if the person is in a different school or unit than you. The University's Title IX Coordinator is Julia Green (she/her). For a list of other staff and contact information, please visit University our website.

Equal Opportunity and Title IX Investigators

The Civil Rights Compliance team within the Institutional Office of Equity and Inclusion conducts neutral and impartial investigations into all reports submitted involving Discrimination and Harassment on the basis of a protected class (PADH) or through Formal Title IX reports of any prohibited behaviors contained in the Title IX and Student Sexual Misconduct Policies. To learn more or to file a PADH complaint, please visit our University website.

Prevention and Education Staff

Our prevention and education team is responsible for envisioning, designing, and implementing evidence-based programming, trainings, and outreach on the topics of sexual misconduct prevention, awareness, and Title IX compliance in collaboration with University and community partners to Undergraduate and Graduate students. Our staff create sexual misconduct prevention programs and projects, tailoring the content to fit each school's educational needs within the University's pedagogical standards, frameworks, and value statement.

Additionally, the Title IX Office employs an Undergraduate student each year to help further the prevention work of our office and to connect more directly with their peers. Currently, Danielle Colelli (she/her) serves as the Educational Outreach Program Assistant.

For a list of staff contact information, please visit our University website.

Administrative Staff

Our office would be NOTHING without the support of our Administrative staff who keep the office organized, manage and schedule events and meetings, help send outreach to students, and much more. Christine Federation (she/her) is the Administrative Assistant to Julia Green, Assistant VP for Civil Rights Compliance & Title IX Coordinator.

Contact the Title IX Office

To contact the Title IX Office, please send an email to The inbox is checked from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday (not checked on weekends or holidays).

T Street Profile

T Street

Associate Director for Sexual Misconduct Prevention Education and Response