Past Events

Take a Look at Some of Our Past Events

For Halloween, we hosted a table at Spooky Science Day for elementary school kids to make geometric structures from toothpick and marshmallows with SPS and many other undergraduate STEM societies! (October 2021)

Professor Talks

Lectures usually happen once a month, and many of them are understandable and interesting whether you've had only a year of calculus or are already in graduate level classes!

Geometric Series and Summation by Parts

with Professor Iosevich (Mar 2020)

For everyone with plenty of time on their hands during the coronavirus quarantine, check out Professor Iosevich's series of lectures ranging from elementary to advanced topics. This lecture covers geometric series, the binomial formula, summation by parts, and finite sums closely related to the geometric series.

How to Deal with Incompleteness Results

with Professor Soysal (November 2021)

Abstract: In this talk, I will explain Gödel's famous incompleteness theorems from 1931 and other incompleteness results proved since then. I will then discuss their mathematical and philosophical consequences, and argue for a way to deal with them.

Chaos and Mathematics

with Professor Chio (October 2021)

Abstract: In the 1993 movie Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm explained to Ellie Sattler that chaos 'simply deals with unpredictability in complex systems'. In mathematics, chaos is usually studied under a branch called dynamical systems, which seeks to understand long term behaviour of systems that evolve over time. In this talk, we will give a broad overview of how different notions of 'chaos' lead to many interesting discoveries in mathematics, starting with Lorenz's discovery of the butterfly effect in the 1960s.

Pi Day Celebrations

Every year we celebrate  the week surrounding Pi Day with exciting lectures and activities. Some years we host mini math contests, others we have pie eating contests, and every year it's a little different.