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About Us

The purpose of the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness (SOCA) is to promote and share the values and richness that are found among Caribbean nations. Through various cultural and social programs, SOCA works to create a community for Caribbean students which affirms their cultural traditions while simultaneously informing and educating the University community about the countries they represent. By sharing Caribbean culture, in its many forms, SOCA works to establish and maintain strong relationships with the University community, the Rochester community and the international community as well. SOCA and the initiatives supported by SOCA are Caribbean based but NOT Caribbean exclusive. All are welcomed to join SOCA and celebrate the beauty of West Indian/Caribbean culture.










Signature Events: Traditionally, SOCA hosts two signature event, one per semester. In the Fall semester, we have CARIBASH. CARIBASH serves as a signature party destination for many college students on our campus and in the greater Rochester collegiate community as a whole. It brings people together in order to celebrate the vibrant culture of the Caribbean through lively dance and cultural expression in order to make a memorable social experience. Apart from being a campus tradition, CARIBASH is a highly anticipated gathering involving good fun and happy vibes. For the sake of genuine fun and love, it is a time to dance away the stresses of classes, assignments, and deadlines! During the Spring semester, to represent great leaders, artists and activists from the Caribbean region, we host Carifesta. Carifesta serves as a social space for students of the YellowJacket community, and residents of the Greater Rochester community to experience the Caribbean culture through music, dance, the arts, including poetry and drama, and other fun activities.

SOCA Talks: SOCA Talks are weekly meetings that we host. They are interactive opportunities for students to engage with, celebrate and learn about Caribbean culture. Through various activities, discussions, and events SOCA encourages students to be themselves, feel accepted, supported, and at home in every aspect of their being. General Members have the opportunity to host a meeting by submitting a SOCA Talks proposal to the SOCA executive board. This proposal should be a one page write-up detailing the topic of the SOCA Talks, relevance to Caribbean culture and/or college students. These proposals should also include the format for the meeting be it a discussion, lecture, activity, outing, etc.

Our Team

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Brian Magee

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Lizmairi Vargas Santa

Minister of Social Outreach
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Consulate Liaison
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Abel Naranjo Giralt

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Aliyah Bresiac

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Andres Arocho

Senior Advisor
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Business Manager
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Albenys Diaz Hernandez

Consulate Liaison
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