Sihir Bellydance Ensemble

Welcome to our website! We are an all-inclusive group with no prior experience necessary!

Members Benefits

Members will be involved in our open and inclusive club and will learn how to bellydance as well as cultural facts surrounding bellydance. Our members are all given the opportunity to perform in our semesterly show as well as several guest performances throughout the semester. Outside of dancing, our members are always invited to our fun spirit events that give us a chance to bond over things such as apple picking, ice skating, spa days, and so much more!

Events and Activities

Throughout the semester, Sihir has weekly practices for our semesterly show. We also host spirit events to bond as a group and learn more about the culture that bellydance originates from!

Sihir's Mission

We strive to teach cultural sensitivity/awareness and body positivity to our members as well as to the greater student body.