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Mission Statement

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers aims to increase the positive visible impact and diversity of Asian heritage scientists and engineers on campus, to build a bridge between the university and employers for the networking possibilities and business connections, and to give back to the Rochester community. Our mission is to create a place for other people to learn and connect culturally, and to support its students, not only academically and professionally, but also in individual growth and development.









Members Benefits

As a member of UR SASE, you have access to a valuable support network, as well as several opportunities to grow yourself as a leader and budding professional.  One of the biggest events we do each semester is we attend a professional conference where over 150+ employers attend. This is a great place for you to network and earn a job/internship. We also host and participate in several events relating to professional development, cultural empowerment, and community service. From workshops and conferences, to celebrations and recognition of diversity in all our meetings, to panels and other events discussing the unique experience of Asians in the professional world, members are empowered and prepared to strive for their goals. The support of this family allows UR SASE members to grow into confident, capable, and all-around amazing individuals as they go through their college life, and beyond. As a member of UR SASE, your #SASEfam will always be there for you.

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Our Team

Laura Nguyen Profile

Laura Nguyen

Fundraising Chair
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Linh Nguyen

Outreach Chair
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Eileen Phan

First-Year Representative
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Michelia Hoang

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Megan Driscoll



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