Partner's in Reading Racism Statement

Partners in Reading at the University of Rochester stands firmly against the racist events that have been spreading throughout the US over the past several months. That said, however, we also carry a deep understanding of the everyday microaggressions, racist policies, agendas, and practices that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) experience as a result of living in America. These events are not filmed but take massive tolls on the everyday lives of BIPOC and have a strong history of being upheld in this country.

As an organization, we work to emphasize the importance of education and eliminate the negative stigma that surrounds urban schools. We know the placement of these schools is not random; nor is their persistent underfunding. We partner with various schools in the Rochester City School District (RCSD) as well as community youth organizations to encourage students to pursue education and connect them to resources that help them do so.

While the coming school year still brings many uncertainties to RCSD students, teachers, staff members, community members, and University of Rochester members, we will continue to support the schools and youth organizations we have worked with in the past however they see fit. If it is unsafe to do face to face meetings, we plan on fundraising throughout the year to support them. As always, we will defer to our community partners in identifying the best ways we can support them. No matter what this year brings, we will support these communities just as we have done in the past, and will continue to do so in years to come.