About Us

Drama House’s goal is to create and promote a vibrant, educational, and student driven performing arts community on campus. Our members endeavor to do this by producing original workshops and lectures, providing a financially feasible rehearsal and performance space for student events, and building a home for artistically minded students to collaborate. Since its inception in 1971, Drama House has stood for our principles of creativity, artistic collaboration, and gender and sexuality inclusion. Regardless of academic pursuit, many of its members remain passionately dedicated to theatre. They also posses a broad array of interests including music, film, dance, literature, and fine arts. Drama House produces and hosts events which focus on encouraging a strong campus and local theatre community. When not in use for our own events, the space is made available to other groups who share our mission, many of which our residents are proudly part of.

Apply to Drama House!

Drama House applications are open for the 2021 fall semester! Download and fill out this form and email it to us at uofrdramahouse@gmail.com. Here are some reasons you should:


We are a supportive community dedicated to fostering creativity, friendship, and well-being of our members.


Drama House has a full kitchen and three additional furnished lounge areas. There is also great closet space in every room. The house has 6 doubles and 5 singles.


Drama House is located on the corner of the frat quad, bordering Wilson quad. It's near most campus locations, and getting deliveries is super easy as the back door leads right out onto Fraternity Rd.

Our Eboard

Ezra Kruger


Jillian Breithaupt

Scheduling Officer

Zack Uchima

Technical Officer

Celia Konowe

Event Coordinator

Sened Be

Business Manager

Ella Apykhtin

Public Relations

E: uofrdramahouse@gmail.com

Drama House

595 Fraternity Road
Rochester NY 14627