Charles Drew Pre-Health Society


About Us

The Charles Drew Pre-Health Society is devoted to raising awareness on the University of Rochester campus and in the Rochester community about all issues related to healthcare and the health professions. We offer educational opportunities and speakers, community outreach and community service activities, and foster mentorship among students.

Share your passion!

Meet people who can resonate with your enthusiasm for medicine and the health industry

Enhance your portfolio

With constant opportunities flowing through the gates of CDrew, you will have plenty of opportunities to work on your appearance as a student for your post-graduation plans.

Receive Guidance Through our Network

Older pre-health students will be there to advise you if you need simple help organizing your schedule or if you just need an experienced person's perspective on the classes you're taking.

Be Aware of Opportunities in your Area

An upcoming biweekly newsletter from CDrew will keep you on base and in harmony with the opportunities, events, and deadlines that may be relevant to all pre-health students at UR.

Our Team

Sanah Sanduja
Publicity Chair
Hana Zhang
Celina Liu
Ashley Updike
Communications Chair
Ajay Macherla
Athena Li-Wu
Business Manager
Megan Driscoll