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The American Institute of Chemical Engineers at the University of Rochester (UR AIChE) is a pre-professional society focused on encouraging students' career development, fostering a community within the department, and introducing members to the larger network of chemical engineering professionals. We accomplish this by organizing professional development workshops, alumni speaker events, plant visits, mentoring sessions, and other engaging activities for our members. We also encourage involvement in AIChE's regional and national student conferences held throughout the year.

UR Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Rochester has over 200 chemical engineering students collaborating with dedicated professors to advance the understanding of materials and engineering challenges presently affecting society. AIChE fosters growth within the department by facilitating contact between faculty and students. Students also benefit from the four additional engineering departments in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences which allow for the exploration of the interdisciplinary nature of chemical engineering through coursework and research.

Pizza with Professors

Enjoy pizza while having a group discussion with professors!

Academia vs. Industry Panel

Students had a chance to hear from a panel of professors and alumni in the industry regarding the pros and cons of attending grad school. Record number of 60 students in attendance! You could be a part of the planning!

AICHE Conference

Travel to another city to present research at a regional or national AICHE conference. Travel costs are covered by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Office of Undergraduate Research, the Hajim School, and Wilson Commons Student Activities.

Pumpkin Launch Competition

Join the 2-time champion team in designing, building, and testing a trebuchet with the purpose of launching pumpkins as part of a U of R school tradition.

LinkedIn Headshots

Join us on the quad to take a FREE professional photo for your LinkedIn account, business profile, etc. What better way to prepare for the career fair!

ChE Barbecue

Every semester, AICHE hosts a barbecue at Genesee Valley Park where students and professors can enjoy the weather, food, and games.









Members Benefits

Members will have the opportunity to become involved in hands-on engineering projects (ChemE Car and Pumpkin Launch Trebuchet) and attend professional development activities (networking at conferences, resume workshops, panel discussions with leading experts).

The Team

Meet the people who make it happen.

Our Team

Megan Driscoll Profile

Megan Driscoll

Susie Wang Profile

Susie Wang

Business Manager
Judy Liu Profile

Judy Liu

Sophomore Class Representative
Sophia Pollak-Hurst Profile

Sophia Pollak-Hurst

Social Chair
Julesy Baker Profile

Julesy Baker

Arthur Chen Profile

Arthur Chen

Junior Class Representative
Lydia Schultz Profile

Lydia Schultz

Courtney Palmeri Profile

Courtney Palmeri

Conference Chair
Julia Kubes Profile

Julia Kubes

Szymon Kuzniar Profile

Szymon Kuzniar

Marketing Chair


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