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About Us

The Asian American Alliance at the University of Rochester is committed to empowering APIA through political activism, community engagement, and social awareness. We strive for collaborative relationships with the Rochester community, activist groups, and other POC (person of color) groups. AAA will serve to provide a platform for the organization and expression of views and interests of Asian Pacific Islander American students at the University of Rochester. Our goal is to tackle APIA issues from social and political perspectives while still encompassing the intricacies of diverse Asian backgrounds, with emphasis on the idea that there is no one single Asian-American experience, but a multitude. AAA seeks to be a place where people of all backgrounds can stand united to empower the APIA community.









Events & Activities

AAA hosts biweekly meetings that involve group activities and discussing APIA issues. We cover a variety of topics, from media representation to minority solidarity. We have also hosted larger events in the past, such as events with invited guest speakers and a debate held in collaboration with the Debate Union.


While AAA generally meets biweekly, we don't have one set date for meetings since we know that everyone has a tight schedule. Sign up with your email to stay posted on the dates for upcoming events!

AAA also creates and shares a monthly newsletter discussing APIA issues, current events, and more. Find copies of past newsletters under Resources, or on our Facebook page. We also send them out through email.

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