From: Wilson Peng
Date: October 10, 2022
Subject: SDS Meeting Materials (10/18)

Hey, everyone! 


We had a great time last week learning about the history of student activism on campus- from organizing back in the 70’s, all the way up to URAC and their efforts to get the U of R divested from prisons and transparency around Public safety’s budget. A huge thanks to Indy for coming and talking to us about your activism!


We’ll be taking a week off for Fall break- our next meeting will be the week after, 10/18, at the usual time and place. 


The next meeting will center around On Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit, an article by David Graeber. To access the PDF, click on this link:


Sign in with your UR email address for the full article. Alternatively, the article is also available here as a website:


We’ll be touching on several important points mentioned in the article, including how capitalism drives “innovation”, government-funded research, and late-stage capitalism. We’ll also discuss next steps in regard to housing and steps we can take in terms of direct action- if any of your friends are willing to provide testimonials about their housing problems, we can come up with a few questions to standardize any interviews we we can get.


That’s all for now, hope to see y’all next Tuesday!


Stay safe,


Wilson Peng



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