From: Out in STEM
Date: January 11
Subject: oSTEM: You're Back!

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Queers Read This!

Welcome back! We hope you had a peaceful & restful winter break!! 

    Classes are already in action but don’t worry, we are manifesting syllabus week to last until, at least, February (instead of the usual first 10 minutes of class that STEM professors have conditioned us to accept). As such, this email will be short yet informative, and a longer, in-depth email will be sent this Saturday to make sure our millions of new members will be included after the activities fair this Friday (also, we’re manifesting a large show out).

This Week

    Campus is already active and busy! Feel free to catch us this Friday, January 13, at this semester’s Activities Fair from 1:30 - 3:00 pm at the GAC. We will have a table booth with a couple of lil snacks and will be recruiting more members to our GIM next week! We’d love to see you if you will be available, and hear/coerce you into vouching for our amazing events, treats, and EBoard members. 


- GIM Next Week: Friday, January 20, 2023
As part of our first GMM of the semester next Friday, we will be holding a General Interest Meeting to reintroduce ourselves, welcome in new members, and go over what we have planned for this semester (which you get a sneak peek at in the next section)! Just as a reminder, oSTEM is not only for STEM majors! We have resources, events, and opportunities lined up with various majors in mind, so feel free to bring along a couple of friends with you for the GIM!!
We will be meeting in Genessee 308, which will also be our regular meeting space for GMMs this semester, from 5 - 6 pm on 1/20. Following our regular bi-weekly schedule, the next meetings will be on February 3, February 17, March 3, March 17, March 31, and April 14.

- In The Works: This semester
We have been working on various events for this semester and, while some are not finalized, we wanted to mention them for you to gauge what we have in mind (and of course welcome feedback/suggestions so you can best take advantage of them)! 
On top of Northeastern University’s visit and the RVA speakers coming over again, we are working with speakers from various fields (alumni, industry professionals, talent recruiters) to share their experience, knowledge, and resources. We are also working with the Greene Center for a queer career fair later this semester, to promote authenticity in professional settings and the value you bring to them.
In addition to professional & academic development, we also have personal, queer development as one of our organization’s pillars. As such, we’re working to host a drag brunch-esque event this semester (yup, performance drag as seen on Fox News!) to bolster queer visibility on campus while also supporting local artists. 

- Northeastern University Visit: February 7, 2023
The Roux Institute is one of Northeastern University’s newest campuses in its global university system, located just 90 minutes away from Boston in Portland, Maine. They will be coming next month to talk about their graduate program specifics, co-ops available, and their scholarship awards. 
More event information will be shared soon. Here are flyers with more information: College Visit + Graduate Programs

- oSTEM National Membership: oSTEM website
This gives access to all of oSTEM's resources and scholarships. There is also a ton of information to explore!

In The News

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (aka MJ Rodriguez) Wins A Golden Globe!
    Rodriguez made history by being the first trans actress to win a Golden Globe. While award shows have problematic histories and trends, it is refreshing to see trans women of color finally get recognition and an overdue standing ovation. Her work in Pose was so powerful and a reminder of how far we’ve come, as well as highlighting troubling narratives resurfacing in politics. Please watch the show and her other appearances, also listed here
Noah Schnapp Came Out
    I’m not entirely sure why this is a news piece, but I figured I’d include it just in case you're a stan.
Performance Drag In The News…
    Drag continues to be targeted and strategically mislabeled & misrepresented through ignorant points of view. The art form is deeply embedded with queer history & culture(s), and its political weaponization is symbolic of the regressive social shifts in the country and a call to action for the community and allies. Here is a good article reviewing the patterns and their scale/impact.
Trans Legislation + Rulings
    Along the lines of strategic attacks on queer existence from the previous point, 2023 is already making progress at corroding legal rights for trans kids and adults. The restroom bills are an important point to address, especially as the agency of children continues to be dismissed, however, they continue to dominate discussions within the community, even over gender-affirming care rights. 
    We are planning to incorporate political literacy on queer topics throughout our GMMs this semester (seeing as they are often, purposefully, difficult to access) and move away from simply saying “Trans rights are human rights!” to being able to specify what protections we deserve and where to target our advocacy.

Queer Highlight

Our usual weekly, queer highlight will be included in the email sent later this week!