From: Eleyna Maves
Date: February 9, 2023
Subject: SDS & CF Abortion Access Rally TODAY!

Hello everyone!

This is just a final reminder about our Abortion Access Rally co-sponsored with College Feminists that will be taking place at 3 p.m. out front of Rush Rhees on Eastman Quad. It is critical that as many students as possible show up to this event to demonstrate to the administration that the student body cares about having a say in accessible abortion healthcare. Bring your friends, bring signs and posters, and don't forget a raincoat or umbrella!

Additionally, take a look at our demands on SDS's CCC website. This document articulates what we're asking the University to do, and why we believe it should be done. This entire process has been weeks in the making, so take the time to read them through, and tell us what you think.

See you at the rally,

Eleyna Maves 

SDS Communications Director