From: Out in STEM
Date: March 3, 2023
Subject: oSTEM: E-Board Noms + No GMM This Week

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Queers Read This!


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    This week's email has been written by me! (Ellie) Our lovely secretary Kevin is on a much deserved break, but will return after break. Until then, I will be plaguing your inbox with my inner thoughts
    We are happy to report that the oSTEM E-Board has made amends and all talks of impeachment, nuclear war, and fur coat designs have been put to rest! Bad news: There seems to be competition for oSTEM’s (un)official mascot between Sasha and Beans. Tensions are high as Sasha continues to win the hearts of students all over campus, but Beans bought an Easter Bunny costume from PetSmart to attempt to win back the crowd. However, her feisty attitude may be her demise. Kevin says if they get bit one more time, they’re gonna test out if cat’s always land on their feet, from the top of Rush Rheese!

[Note: The lore above is entirely fabricated, Kevin would never harm an innocent cat, but Beans on the other hand is a twice convicted felon.]

    Make sure you’re following our Instagram, to stay updated on club lore and beef. Also, getting meeting updates and news is important too I guess.

Next Week

    Another shout out to our amazing guests from our last meeting from the Rochester Victory Alliance and the Creative Arts Club. If you would like to see more oSTEM crossover events in the future, please let us know! If you have any clubs/local organizations in mind for us to contact, please feel free to mention it to us, or share it in our feedback survey!

    Our first study hours with the BIC was also a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out to hang, and remember that these will be continuing every week until the end of the semester. We know how difficult it can be to find a study space on campus, so be sure to utilize this space! Also, if you are unable to attend our study hours each Monday, remember the BIC is alway open for students to visit! Feel free to pop by whenever you are free!

   Most importantly, if you have not yet filled out our nomination form for 2023-2024 EBoard elections, do so now! We would like to have all of the submissions in by this Friday, March 3rd, but we will accept them up until the end of spring break. If you are passionate about making changes to the UR community, and want to provide resources to fellow students, this is the perfect place for you! (also, you get to join the lovely group of EBoard members in our weekly meetings and adventures)    

Coming Up


- oSTEM Study Hours:

    In collaboration with the BIC, we will be holding oSTEM Study Hours weekly, every Monday from 1-3 pm at The Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center (Douglass 305). Join us there to cosplay as studious scholars, munch on some BIC-provided snacks, and expand our beloved oSTEM ambiance. 

    As mentioned in last week’s meeting, these Study Hours also serve as an extra oSTEM window for plans like workshops, drop-in guest speakers, etc. We will update you on any of these changes via email, Slack, and Instagram ahead of time!

- EBoard Nomination Submissions: Link

   If you are interested in joining our EBoard next year, fill out this poll! We have a ton of positions open, and we would love to have your help! 

   Nominee announcements and voting will take place once we return from Spring Break. 

- CCC Website: Website Link

    As always, our website contains our R&O database, previous newsletters, and more pages that are continuing to be developed. If you spot any issues, our Feedback Form is always open!

University R&Os

- UR Creative Arts Club

    The Creative Arts Club (CAC) is another great student organization on campus that regularly hosts fun activities for students at all levels of interest, they provide a well-equipped studio and meet weekly. Last week, they stopped by and gave us a glimpse of their capabilities through our pronoun/custom magazine button-making. Catch us at this week’s CAC workshop continuing to make cute buttons, they meet every Friday from 4:30-6:30 pm at Rettner’s Fabrication Studio (first floor)! 

Outside Opportunities

- Out For Undergrad Engineering + Digital Conferences: Round 1 Application Deadline | March 12th | Link

    Out for Undergrad (aka O4U) is a life changing experience for queer college students. This all expenses paid conference features prominent queer speakers, mentorship discussions, and a career fair featuring companies like Clorox, Emerson, Micron, ABB, Stantec, & more! Both Kevin & Ellie have attended before, and have nothing but admiration and love for the program! O4U Applications are accepted in 3 rounds, with most students being accepted in Rounds 1 & 2. Round 1 applications close on March 12th, Round 2 closes April 9th, and Round 3 closes May 7th. Get your applications in ASAP for a chance to attend! 

- Point Foundation BIPOC Scholarship: Application Deadline | March 15th | Link

    This scholarship is open to college students who identify as both BIPOC and LGBTQ+. Application factors considered are financial need, personal history, academic achievement, and community service history. If you are interested, check it out! Remember, it never hurts to send in an application, even if you’re not sure you’ll win. Selected applicants can receive up to $1,500 in funding. 

- Human Rights Campaign Scholarship Search Engine: Link    

    Having trouble finding scholarships specifically for LGBTQ+? (Or any at all) Check out this scholarship search engine from the HRC! Here you can find hundreds of open scholarships looking for students like you! 

In The News

• HBO’s “The Last of Us” Continues to Highlight Queer Love: Link

    “The Last of Us”, a new HBO show based on the popular 2013 video game, has made headlines again for its queer romance storylines. Previously, Episode 3 followed Bill & Frank, two older closted gay men who found comfort in each other amidst the onset of the apocalypse, and showed the tenderness of queer love, and the importance of family once, “the world has gone to shit.” Now, in last Sunday’s Episode 7, we are sent back to watch the relationship between Ellie & Riley, two young girls trying to find themselves in a world gone mad. Bella Ramsey, who has recently come out as non-binary/genderfluid, portrays Ellie on screen, commented on this storyline, “It's complicated. It's messy. And it's fun…They are best friends, and they love each other. They care about each other.”


• Tennessee Moves Forward Anti-Drag & Gender-Affirming Care Bills: Link

    As the national attacks towards transgender individuals and drag queens continue, the Tennessee House of Representatives has moved forward with its abhorrent bill targeting “male & female impersonators.” This bill is argued by conservatives to “protect the public from obscenity” but the language of the law shows that it will directly impact the queer community. If signed into law, drag queens would be classified as cabaret performers, and be subject to restrictions on liquor licenses, and much more. 

    Another bill headed to the governors table directly outlaws gender-affirming care for transgender youth. Like many other bills across the country, it is an abhorrent attack on queer rights, and goes against all proven data on the positive effects this care has on transgender people. Civil rights activists have promised to fight this bill should it go into effect, but it is a reminder that anti-trans rhetoric is a important pressing issue, and support is needed from everyone to fight for our rights. 

Queer Highlight

Rather than our usual Queer Theory Highlight, we want to give your brains a break! 
If you are looking for something fun this spring break, know that there are numerous Queer Theory and famous queer books available to check out from Rush Rhees Library. 
Take a walk, catch up on some TV, go shopping at Plato's, do whatever you'd like to enjoy your Spring Break :)

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