From: Rock Climbing
Date: September 14, 2022
Subject: Practices, Dues, GIM slides and other Info

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for turning out for Climbing Day this past Sunday! It was awesome to meet so many new people and see returning members after such a long summer :) This email is gonna be a brief summary of all the information you need to get started with the club and climbing in Rochester.

General Interest Meeting

For those of you who weren't able to make it to our GIMs, here are the slides. Please reach out if you have any lingering questions about the club and what we do.


This semester, General Practices (our main club meetings) will be every Sunday from 12:10-1:15pm at CRG (exactly the same as last semester). This time is chosen to accomodate taking the orange line shuttle whose schedule can be found here, to summarize though: If you're worried about missing the bus or getting lost, there's usually a big group of climbers taking it both to the gym and back so you can group up with them and learn the route. If you can't take the bus for any reason, don't hesitate to send a message in our discord asking if someone can give you a ride, many of our members and Eboard have cars and would be happy to drive you!


First, to clarify any confusion, you are welcome to pay dues at any point in the semester. Our previous emails mentioning a date/"deadline" of 9/1 related to dues was just emphasizing that if one wanted to get CRG discounts for September, you needed to get your dues in before 9/1. In general though, if you want to get discounts starting in a given month, you must pay dues before the start of that month. So, for those of you who haven't paid dues yet, as long as you get your dues in during September, you'll get discounts for October, November, and December. As a reminder these discounts are: $20 off CRG memberships (from $75 to $55), and $15 off CRG day passes (from $30 to $15). So the $45 dues (paid once per semester) pay for themselves after just 3 daypasses or ~2 months of membership, (and that's not taking into account all the other benefits you get from paying dues such as: free professional coaching, fully paid for competitions, etc.). Finally, for those of you who'd like to start a membership at CRG for the first time, be sure to take advantage of their day pass deal! The deal allows you to start a membership with the first month only costing the price of a day pass (which includes the $5 day pass you got if you came to UR Climbing Day), just ask about the day pass deal at the front desk at CRG. So to wrap up: Please let us know if you have any other questions! and be sure to join our discord and follow our instagram to stay up to date on everything we do!

- Your E-board

Henry Welles, President

Josh Rainbolt, Vice President

Maya Hewitt, Event Coordinator

Joe Lugten, Business Manager

Abbey Kampel, Competition Chair

Nate Fisher, Publicist

Sam Edinberg, Compliance Officer