From: Rock Climbing
Date: October 17, 2021
Subject: Climbing Team Info & Signup

Hey Everyone,

We have some exciting info to share about the climbing team! As a reminder, this team will have an additional practice each week with a strong focus on improvement led by a coach from CRG. Here's some info about practices and pricing:

Practices will be every Tuesday night from 7-8:30 at CRG starting 11/2. The exact timing and starting date might vary slightly on how some things work out internally so we'll keep you posted.

Joining the team will cost an additional monthly fee of $30 (subject to slight variation due to team size). This is a great deal as a single one-hour coaching session usually costs around $50, whereas this is $30 for four weeks of coaching!

Sign up:
If you are interested in joining the team (this means you will be able to attend almost every practice and can pay the monthly fee) sign up here by the end of the day Thursday (10/21). Please do not fill out this form if you are not interested in joining the team. If you are unsure whether or not you want to join, now is the time to decide.

Abbey (Competition Chair & Compliance Officer)