From: Rock Climbing
Date: September 30, 2021
Subject: (IMPORTANT) Major Updates

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed that aside from practices we have been a bit dormant. That's because we've been working on a lot of awesome stuff in the background. Some isn't quite ready to share yet (hint: awesome events) but we do have some exiting announcements!

CRG Discounts:
Beginning October 1st, club members will now recieve discounted memberships at Central Rock Gym. As an active club member, you will have to pay just $55 instead of the normal student discount of $69, and we aim to lower this even further beginning in November. If you don't have a membership than daypasses will go from costing $20 base fee + $8 rentals to costing just $15 including rentals.

Active Club Members:
You may have noticed that we said you get these discounts "as an active club member". That's because we are redefining our active member requirements. You probably didn't realize, but up until now our only requirement was that you climbed at least 5 times per semester. The issue with this was that it was near impossible to track and enforce. Starting In October you will only be considered an 'active member' if you have both paid dues and attend one general practice every month. (The practice attendance requirement will not go into effect immediately so you have a chance to attend a practice if you haven't yet). If you have a regularly scheduled conflict with our practices but you still want to be an active member, please contact Henry (email below).
Note: For those of you who currently have a CRG membership, for October you will initially be charged the normal $69, but once you pay dues (and thus become an active member) CRG will refund you the $14 difference. In all future months you will be charged the discounted amount right off the bat.

As mentioned we are going to begin charging dues again (after having none last year due to COVID). The dues will be $15 this semester and can be paid via Venmo to @Joseph-Lugten. If you want to pay with cash please contact Joe (email below). However, please pay via Venmo if possible as it's far easier for us. Notice that if you pay dues, you will save money after just one month of memberships, or two daypasses so its a great deal! Also, the money raised via these dues will go right back into funding events and subsidizing gym memberships, coaching, competitions, and more. Please pay these ASAP, as the sooner you pay them the sooner we can notify CRG that you eligible for the club discount.
Note: This $15 is a reduced fee as we are starting up these discounts partway through the semester, so the dues may go up slighly in future semesters.

UR Climbing Team:
If you are interested in joining our improvement focused and CRG coach led team, we will have more details on costs, and scheduling very soon. But we hope to get team pratices started mid-October. Look out for an email with more info on that later this week.

- Your very exited E-board

Henry Welles, President

Maya Hewitt, Vice President & Event Coordinator

Joe Lugten, Business Manager

Abbey Kampel, Competition Chair & Compliance Officer