From: Eleyna Maves
Date: January 23
Subject: SDS Newsletter


Thank you to everyone who attended our Tea Time GMM yesterday! It was lots of fun and we got a lot of great work done. 

For those of you who missed it, I'm excited to announce that SDS will soon be publishing its own zine-style newsletter! This will be an opportunity for students to write about issues they care about and have their voices heard. We will be accepting both research-based articles as well as opninion pieces. Additionally, you're very much encouraged to send in any art, poetry, prose, or other work that you've done related to leftist issues. 

Our tentative publication date for the first issue is February 19th, so if you're interested, please try to get involved and send in your work before Feb. 12th. Also, please fill out this interest form, consider adding to our newsletter planning document, and join our shared Canva

If you want more info or have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at That's all for now!

Eleyna Maves 

SDS Communications Director 

Front page of an old SDS newsletter, New Left Notes, from May 13th, 1969.