From: Eleyna Maves
Date: November 2, 2022
Subject: Destroy Them Root and Branch- Movement for Uyghur Freedom

Hello everyone,

Students for a Democratic Society has recently been given the opportunity to co-host an event with the UR Movement for Uyghur Freedom. They will be holding an event called, "Destroy Them Root and Branch: Cultural Destruction in the Uyghur Genocide," where Professor Fiskesjo, an Anthropology Professor and Uyghur Genocide activist, will be giving a lecture on the destruction of language, mosques, and other cultural elements in the ongoing Uyghur Genocide.

The lecture will take place on Sunday, November 13 at 7pm in Humanities Center Room D. They have also created a petition asking the University of Rochester to ensure that their merchandise is ethically sourced and not produced by forced labor. You can click here to read and sign the petition.

Several members from our E-Board will be attending this lecture, so we are urging all of our members to come out and support this important event. Also, remember to keep a look out for an email detailing plans for our upcoming GMM next week. Hope to see you all there!




SDS Communications Director