BADASS Bystander (Interpersonal Competence - Medallion Program)

by Title IX Office

In-Person Event Academic Educational/Awareness Medallion Program - Interpersona... Workshop

Fri, Mar 29, 2024

2 PM – 4:30 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Take the extra step to empower and protect yourself, friends, and community members by becoming a BADASS Bystander! Utilizing role-plays, participants will be observing a potentially harmful situation, and rather than being passive bystanders, they will utilize skills to be active bystanders who take action to interrupt harm and generate positive actions by others. This program will help participants gain crucial skills to take action and start an effective conversation to address and prevent instances of sexual misconduct. Being a BADASS means Being Aware, Deciding to Act, and Saying Something (Slogan borrowed with permission from Colorado College).

Learning Objectives
• Participants will explore behaviors and language surrounding rape culture; delving deeper into how rape culture adds to the continuum of harm model in both a systemic and cyclic way as it pertains to relationships with gender roles, sexism, and LGBTQ+ phobias.
• Participants learn different techniques to intervene safely, before a behavior or relationship becomes toxic and harmful.
• Participants will be able to effectively start conversations and navigate sensitive topics regarding why certain language or behaviors can perpetuate sexual violence.
• Become the best BADASS Bystander by contributing to end a universal issue on a local level, here at the University of Rochester and help change our culture.

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