Society of Earth and Environmental Science Students


About Us

Our mission in SEESS is to bring together students who are enthusiastic about the environmental sciences, earth sciences, and geosciences. We aim to foster a strong community where our students can bond over similar passions while expanding their academic and professional networks.

SEESS intents to expose students to the earth and environmental sciences outside the classroom through seminars, guest speakers in related fields, educational field trips, group discussions, and other social events. We plan to inform students about career paths after college, prepare them for graduate school, and provide crucial networking opportunities. SEESS is a resource, a support system, and a way of uniting all students, staff, and faculty in the Earth & Environmental Sciences department.









Members Benefits

~ Have the opportunity to meet professionals in their respective fields.

~ Learn about different career paths in the earth and environmental sciences.

~ Meet faculty and other students within the department.

~ Have fun!

Events & Activities

Our events range from professional development, guest speakers, field trips, seminars, and social activities

Exclusive Resources

Be the first to know about research opportunities, learn from peer advisors, and get the most out of your classes


Make valuable and lasting relationships with faculty, mentors, and other students in the department