SA Website Redesign Beta Feedback

Hello! Thanks for beta testing the new students' association government website. Please use this form to report any bugs you may find along the way.

The website release is tentatively scheduled for during Winter Recess.

Let me know if you think meeting about your requested changes would be more effective and I can share my availability.

What is most helpful at this stage is identifying visual bugs, accessibility concerns, updating incorrect links and web content, etc. Stylistic changes are appreciated but cannot be guaranteed.
Additional instructions for the previous question. Helpful additions include:
  • The page URL
  • Screenshots of specific sections
  • Updated links to content
  • etc.

Upload file
Additional instructions for the previous question. Please upload any supporting documentation (e.g. screenshots, drawings, etc.) Also, if you have any images that you'd like included on the website for headers or other graphics, please include that.

If your photo is missing somewhere on the site, please include that here too.