QSOC (Queer Students of Color)

What is QSOC?

QSOC is a student-led group that both serves as a safe space discussion group and resource for Pride Network events.

The purpose of this group is to be a safe, and fun, community in the queer community. Past meetings have included, playing Cards Against Humanity, talking about dating as a queer POC, and food-filled study breaks!


The Queer Students of Color Student Group will promote the interests of LGBTQIA+ students at the University of Rochester through various programs and activities.

Our goal is to is to create an open and secure environment for people of all sexual orientations and genders on the University of Rochester campus and in the community at large, as well as to provide awareness about the identities that intersect with LGBTQ+ identities.

Under Pride Network

Under Pride Network, QSOC will serve as a liaison and resource for events related to all things people of color! Our main event to plan will be Pride's annual Vogue Night, along with hosting occasional general member meetings and volunteering for other Pride events!

Representation is important! Under Pride, QSOC is used to make sure we are heard!