Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity - The Oldest Latin Fraternity in Existence

Mission Statement

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity is committed to the development of professional leaders through shared experiences and fostered lifelong brotherhood. These men continuously promote the ideals of Pan Americanism via intellectual dialogue, cultural awareness, and community service.

About Us


Phi Iota Alpha was established in 1931 in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The Pi Chapter at the University of Rochester was founded in 1996.

Membership Requirements

- Good academic standing (GPA >2.75)
- Completed one semester at least
- Full time student


Phi Lambda Alpha was established in 1898 in RPI, merged with Sigma Iota that was established in 1904 at Louisiana State University, together they formed Phi Iota Alpha in 1931.

Pan Americanism

Pan Americanism is the idea of political, cultural and economic unity of the Americas displayed by our pillars. Phi Iota Alpha strives for the unification of Latin America and Pan American ideals.


Semper Parati, Semper Juncti.