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Event Time and Date

Saturday, February 25 2017, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

UR Fencing Club Members: Free Entry


Pre-registration through askfred = $20.00
Pay-at-the-door = $25.00
Fee for B and A rated fencers = $10.00

You will be required to have extra weapons, working body cords, knee high socks, and a plastron. USFA also requires electric bibs for foil fencers.

Please print and fill out the corresponding waiver beforehand. Any fencers who are under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver. If the waiver is not completed, you will not be allowed to fence.

We hope to see you here!
Directions from the UR River campus entrance:
From Wilson boulevard, at the stop sign, turn right onto Trustee road, then left onto Intercampus drive.
After you pass two stop signs, Library lot will be just beyond on the left. Intercampus lot is on the right.
From Library lot, with the Library on your left, walk to the end of the lot towards Susan B. Anthony residence hall.
Walk past Sue B, down towards Anderson and Wilder residence halls.
Spurrier will be on the left, and the gym is on the first floor.
Events Scheduled:
Mixed Epee
Mixed Foil
Mixed Saber

Spurrier Gym

SPurrier Hall
Event Categories:

Competition, Fundraiser, Sporting Event